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HK Radio Faceplate

There are over 25 LEDS the size of this "o". I do not use a computer controlled solder machine. My work is all completed by hand.

Please be warned that there are issues with some HK radios: CD getting stuck, faceplate lighting up but radio dead etc. What I do does not affect the operation of the HK radio.

All HK faceplates are tested for proper operation, as is the test radio for operation over the course of at least 30 minutes. If you develop an issue with the radio, I need to know the issues. If I determine it is due to my doing, I will take care of the issue. If, however, it is an issue with the radio as mentioned above then you have a problem. I will not be responsible for HK radio issues. The factory RED HK faceplate does not match the LED mod if the large and small gauges are completed in RED. In this case, I will let you know that you may want to consider having the HK faceplate completed to match.


Faceplate Removal Instructions

Note: If you have the older RS Bike Radio you will need to send the complete Radio.

  1. Remove Radio from bike (radio is removed toward the front tire) 2-bolts each side and unplug all connections (only plug back into same spot).
  2. Peel back rubber gasket (You keep this gasket) were the black part meets the metal part of the radio there are two top and two bottom tabs and One tab each side that you lift up using two small flat blades and faceplate will unplug itself from the metal part.

While I test gauges and faceplates, I can’t guarantee they work when you receive them, due to potential shipping damage. It’s why I recommend shipping insurance. Please contact me at with general questions or to pay through PayPal. You can also reach me at to place your order and confirm payment.

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I stock the following, with all other colors available through Special Order. Stocked Colors: True Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Orange. I do not do the HK Faceplate in White as it is too bright

​​​These are "spun Alum' gauges with white needles, please note there is not any color bleed over on the actual gauges. The HK has been completed in Blue to match the large gauges, and the small gauges have had the OEM bulbs replaced with the WLED replacement in blue.