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I accept PAYPAL. Select How to Pay as "Family/Friends" to begin the payment process.

I accept PayPal and United States Postal Money Orders. PayPal me at

We also offer other items (please email for more information):

1. Small Gauge LED Bulbs
2. Modifications to Older Gauges to Allow Wedge Type

I do accept USPS Money Orders, but PayPal is best for both you and me.

7. Buff/Polish 2 Gauge Set ($20)

6. 2014-Present Gauge Cluster/Small Gauges ($185)

5. Single Gauge ($65)

This will depend on the type

4. RS (Older Square faceplate) ($120)

3. HK Radio Faceplate ($120)

2. CVO 2 Gauge Set ($100)

CVO/Titanium/metal number plate type (1995-2013)
CVO type appear multi-layered and are metal type

1. Standard 2 gauge set 1998-2013 ($85)

STD gauges are usually either silver or black in color

If you are shipping for someone else, I need all names involved so I can cross reference the incoming equipment.

​Shipping Information

Include Name, Address, Color Choice(s) prepaid return label or request I provide this cost to you and process this. (See Packing).


Is 61611. Additional Ship-To address will be sent to you via email for security reasons.

United States

United States Postal Service

Shipping Postal Service keep your tracking number and include all info in Box.

UPS United Parcel Service

Shipping UPS allows you to pick your rate of arrival and return.
I can process UPS/USPO (Postal) return Shipping and insurance here if you like as long as you can pay my PayPal account as a gift prior to me shipping back to you.


Please include a completed paperwork for return shipping and insurance in the ship to box.

Canada and Other Countries

Shipping UPS/FEDEX United Parcel Service

If possible, ship UPS due to cost and brokerage fees it may be best for you to ship FEDEX. Please check into this, and let me know with confirmation email. I will need to know before arrival. Choose to ship with no signature required, with statement to leave at door!

Include prepaid return UPS/Fedex label in box, insurance round trip is on you as well.

Shipping Time

I will email you actual ship time depending on both of our schedules. Return time is 1-4 days in the winter months, and 1-2 in the summer months, plus shipping time.

Packing Advice

​These units are delicate instruments. It isn’t the act of being thrown, but the sudden stop, which causes the issue. Please pack them in a larger box that they actually fit in, and use bubble wrap. I would also insure the contents to and from with your carrier. Do not ship brackets and screws, I do not need these. I usually tell people to insure for $500.00 if sending two gauges and more if shipping radio faceplate. It is your choice on insurance and the amount. Please check your actual cost for replacement accordingly.​

Order Information

I accept PayPal and United States Postal Money Orders. PayPal me at

Please complete the Order Form with the bike year. I will need all gauges in order to complete this.